Willem Romeijn sportfiskegäst från Hollandpx

Willem Romeijn and Nick Wentink at fims new destination Bagarstugan!


During 27/5-3:rd of june Willem Romeijn and Nick Wentink, sportfishermen from the Netherlands, visited fims area in Nordanstig municipality!

Willem Romeijn, fishing enthousiast! Mostly fish for predator fish
like perch, zander and pike. Love to fly fish for pike too. Next to the fishing he making
videos. You can find them on my Youtube channel (mentioned below). For Pure Fishing
he doing promotional work, mostly for Hardy and Greys.

Willem came here together with his buddy Nick Wentink, also a fanatic predator angler.

Willem and Nick where here and testing the new fims destination “Bagarstugan” with the virgin waters Kyrksjön and Storsjön in Bergsjö, for the dutch travel agency Cordes Travel. Guided by our fims guide, Jimmy Hammar. This trip went well and we had an joint evaluation, where they gave us good grades, with nice feeling of this destination. They had really fun and liked the waters! Really want to come back! Good cathes of pikes in good numbers, over 100 pikes this trip, biggest around one meters! Some perch and Lost some bigger pikes aswell! All fishes Catch&Release (C&R). Many of them on flyfishing in really shallow water spots! They seen only a few boats during this week on the water.

– If this lake was in Netherlands, about 20-30 boats had been on this water a normal day! , says Willem


Located in Nordanstig municipality. Nice house with an old style, and super friendly helpful house owners. A house fit perfect for a group of 4 sportfishermen. Selfcatering and all facilities you can expect. Nice green garden to sit and just relax after your fishing day or why dont you take a sauna there aswell! Only 5 minutes from the harbour and close to pizzeria and a shop with milk, bread and more you need for your selfcatering, 5 minutes to the petrol station, and its also a shop with some fishing stuffs!  If you have your own boat its enough space to have it directly outside the house, no problem.

In summer you also can visite the nice enchanted forest located in Mellanfjärden directly at Ostersee. Its mainly for families, amazing experience, only 15-20 minutes to drive from Bagarstugan!

Bagarstugan will be included in Cordes Travel program this autumn!


Downbelow we have some pictures from this trip. Pictures from Willem and Nick, please enjoy. Willem made also a video from this trip, when its edited , we release it, keep your eyes open!

#Virgin area#listen to the nature# unexploated area#

This is Fims!







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