Its soon time for the first testfishing trip, our new destination “Sörgimma”!

During 14-21:th of may Jack Van de Mortel from Holland visite fims area!
He gonna test our first new destination open water fishing, for this year!


We call it Sörgimma. Its mainly Pike and perch fishing. A location with a nice quiet place, a real virgin area in Hudiksvall municipality, with a selfcatering house directly to a small lake calls Sörgimmsjön.
Jack gonna test 4 lakes during this period, Sörgimmsjön, Matsbosjön, Strömbackasjön and one day at North Dellen.

Jack Van De Mortel

Jack Van de Mortel is a famous sportfisherman from Holland, who works as a consultant
for brands like Pure Fishing. (ABU, Svart Zonker. Berkley, Sebile, Greys, Mitchel) and
is cooperating with the dutch travel agency Cordes Travel.
To see the testfishing program, click on the link downbelow:

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