Fishing in the middle of Sweden

Stay at the amazing nature-unique island Långsbo and fish in the river Delångersån which also connects the lakes Iggsjön, Storsjön and Långsjön. You have fantastic opportunities for spinning- jigging, jerk and ice fishing in exciting environments.



We offer both self catering and full board accomodation, we can also accommodate large groups.


In the main lodge there are two bedrooms, one downstairs with 2 bunk beds total 4 persons and  one upstairs with 8 single beds. Two small sleeping lodges, 1 bunk bed in each, can also be used if wanted. 


You live on the island where Delångersån flows past, your boat dock is located directly beside your accommodation.

Other activities

On Långsbo island it is possible to take an evening in our hot tub and use our sauna. Do not hesitate to contact us. We customize your needs, and our professional staff will do everything to make you comfortable and feel unique with the absolute best quality.


Fishing pressure in the lake system is basically non-existent in these virgin waters. Let our professional local guides take you on a exciting tour, to get knowledge of the best fishing spots, tip of lures and fishing methods.

In summertime you fish from our boats:
2 x HR460 Fishing -19
30hp 4-stroke Suzuki
Garmin Striker plus 5 CV

1 x Ryds 486 BF -20
30hp 4-stroke Honda
Garmin Striker Plus 7 SV 

1 x Ryds 535S
50hp 4-stroke Yamaha 
Garmin Echomap Plus 92 SV

1 x IDEAL 500
30hp 4-stroke Honda 
Garmin Echomap Plus 62 CV 

Boats must be pre booked.

Extra rental: front mounted electric engine
Motorguide XI5, Hashwing Cayman GPS.

We also have rod and reals for rental at the Island. 



We recommend spring fishing during the end of April to May/June and autumn fishing in September until the ice settles sometime in November/December.
If you are interested in winter fishing for pike, we recommend ice fishing during the end of February until early April. We ice fish with bait fish, short rods and bite indicators. For example see the ice fishing movie at the bottom of the page.


Rather good year round but peaks somewhere in July/August when the water temperature is at its highest. Ice fishing for perch with a jig or bait fish are very funny and can sometimes give a great amount of fish. The best time for ice fishing is during March when the sun begins to warm up the nature.


Good fishing from spring to autumn, in spring you find them on shallower depts from about 2 down to 7 meters. Summertime when the water temperature is higher the zander goes deeper down, you will find them at 5 to 15 meters of dept.
In autumn they start to swim in shallow waters again. Popular fishing methods are sharpshooting with sonar, fish with bait fish and bite indicators, casting/spinning or trolling the deepest parts of the lake.

Other species

There are huge amounts of white fish and bait fish right next to the lodge dock. Bleak, roach, ide and rudd swims right under your feet when you walk on the wood deck. Ofcourse the predators are not far away.

Fishing packages
Except summer fishing we can now present:

Ice fishing weekend, Thursday to Sunday, up to 4 persons.

Two whole days of exciting ice fishing for pike, perch or zander with fishing guide.
Accommodation, rods, reels, bait, meals and linens are included.
Lunch (and breakfast depending on when you want to get up in the morning)
are cooked on the ice. 

Contact Information
Company: Långsbo island
Telephone: +46(0) 70-190 25 97 (Thomas)
                     +46(0) 73-816 73 95  (Tobias)


Fishing guide:
Tobias Sigvardsson
+46 73 81 67 395