Fishing in the middle of Sweden

Do as the anglers from the Netherlands, Jack Van Der Mortel and Frans Oomen, come and spin fish for pike in Mållången. Mållången is a lake with many great fishing opportunities. With its low fishing pressure, few boats out and with the pikes magical colors you are surrounded by a stunning natural environment,
where silence and calmness will keep you company 24 hours a day.

You’ll live on the destination Gläntan in “Kalle’s cabin” which is a self catering cottage with up to 4 beds.
The rental boat is a Linder 440 m with 8 hp gasoline engine plus electric motor.

You are also welcome to bring your own boats. Access to the boat ramp is only 5 minutes away from the “Kalle’s cabin”. Mållången is suitable for both spinning-, vertical- and jig fishing. The lake is more than enough for a week of fishing. In the immediate area there’s also other fishing opportunities, only a
10-15 minute drive away is Viksjön, which also contains plenty of pike and perch.

If you one day would like a break with fly fishing, that’s fine. Just walking distance away runs “Svartån”, which is a mythical and fantastic small river with wild trout. It is because of the famous author Hans Lidman with his book “The fishing bites in Svartån” that made the river famous. In Svartån you’re only allowed to fish with barbless hooks and by using the catch & release method on both grayling and trout.
Svartån is open for fly fishing från May 1st to September 15th. Even in Mållången and other waters the catch & release method is recommended, but we dont mind if you take a fish for dinner, if the fishing rules allows it for each waters.

We have professional fims guides for both spinning and fly fishing to help you with what you need to get a fantastic and successful fishing experience, Alfta is only 10-15 km away, and there you can find gasstations
and supermarkets. If you are interested in Gläntan and would like to know more, please contact us for more information.

Contact Information
Company: Gläntans Kursgård
Address: Mållångstad 11
Zip/City: 828 95 Viksjöfors
Telephone: +46 26-600160 bokning, 0271-50090 destination
GPS: X=6793663 Y=1504162