Fishing in the middle of Sweden

Ejheden Eco Lodge

Guidefathers ikon mindre

Private fishing for perch and pike in the kingdom of capercaillie and moose. 

The fishing in Ejheden is mentioned in the media first time 1918 for its fabolus fishery. Exclusive waters only for custumers, two big lakes Storejen 620ha (350 private) and Lillejen 89ha and 5 smaller lakes. 

Ekopark Ejheden has a magnificent nature with traces forest of fires during 19th century. Here you can take a walk in total wilderness on the marked walking trails. 


Jägmästeriet – Kitchen with gas-stove, warm and cosy fireplaces. 6 beds, private terrace firewood sauna. Solar panel for charging USB phone and boat batteries. 

Skolan – Kitchen with gas-stove, warm and cosy fireplaces. 7 beds. firewood sauna. Solar panel for charging USB phone and boat batteries.

Boat house – “Self service restaurant 2 meters from Lake Storejen” 

Sauna – Firewood sauna 20 meters to  Lake Storejen 


Selective fishing Pike over 75cm return to water. Perch over 35 cm return to water. 

Pike and perch fishing Lake Lillejen and Storejen

Rainbow trout and trout in our smaller lakes (separate fishing license)

Professional fish conservation collaboration with governments and Sveaskog


Oskwig pike fishing boats 4.4 meters. Aluminum 6hp 4 stroke engine. Minnkota power drive, Humminbird Helix 7 gen 3 series with side image and dept chart for the Lillejen and Storejen.  

Fishing guide 

We provide an intro guiding 4 hour for all our new customers. How the boat and charging works, security, fishing spots, different baits and fishing techniques shallow (dangerous) areas, plotter and  sonar walkthrough. Can extended with more fishing guiding. 

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Contact Information
Company: Gudidefaters AB
Address: Ejheden
Zip/City: Furudal Province of Dalarna
Telephone: +46702776716
GPS: Lat: 61 23 55 48
Long: 158 12 01 62