Fishing in the middle of Sweden

Aspviken Cottage

Aspviken’s cottage is located in solitude, on the shore of lake Bäckesjön, approx. 30 km northwest of Ljusdal city. Other cottages and houses are on the other side of the bay and about 300 m from Aspviken.

The fishing area

Bäckesjon has many  bays and islands. At its longest part, it is about 6 km long and 3 km wide and,i some places, reaches a depth of up to 30 m. It is connected to Storsjön, which is almost 12 km long and at its widest point the shores are 2 km apart. White Storsjön mostly has stony or sandy shores with several reed-covered bays and the depth in places reaches over 20 meters, Bäckesjön is on average shallower, with large areas of 1-3 meters deph in the southern half, which is partly overgrown with reeds on summer, horseradish, redstem and stilts. In both lakes, the water is crystal clear and of ordinary drinking water quality.                                              


From the second half of May until October, mainly pike and perch  unusually are fished. It is not common that trout are available. From June to August, it is possible to fish for roach, bream, breamin  in shallower  bays.   Aspviken’s guests can rent 4.5-5ms boats with Humminbird Helix7 or 9 sonar-GPS chartplotter), bow electric motor (i-pilot, electronic anchor, connection to sonar and chartplotter) and 30 hp engine. Aspviken’s cabin is suitable for a stay of 4-6 adults, or 4 adults and 4-6 children (using the guest hause). It stands on the shore of a wooded peninsula in the northwestern part of Lake Bäckesjön. The cottage (85 m2) has a spacious living room with a fireplace, a view of the terrace and the lake, a dining area and a fully equipped kitchen (stove, fridge, freezer, dishwasher, microwave). From the living/dining room there is access to a second living room with sofa and TV and to two bedrooms (one with two beds and the other with two bunk beds). The bathroom is equipped as standard – shower, toilet, sink. Heating is with electric direct heaters and air conditioning, or with a wood stove. On the spacious, covered terrace overlooking the lake, there is a dining area, garden furniture and a barbecue. Next to the cabin Aspviken is a guest haues (14 m2) with a double bed and 1-2 beds, suitable for summer accommodation for 2-4 children or 2 adults. In the boatyard, approx. 30 m from the cottage, there is a jetty available for guests, in front of the cottage there is an outdoor grill and garden furniture.

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