Fishing in the middle of Sweden

Tomek from Poland with a nice zander from Lillbo!

About fishing in the middle of Sweden

Fishing in the middle of Sweden (FIMS) is the collective name for a number of quality fishing destinations situated in central Sweden – only 2.5-4 hours north of the Stockholm Arlanda Airport!

Central Sweden is unique in that you are usually completely alone during your fishing experience – whether you are fishing along the coast, at sea, in one of the many lakes, in the mountains or in a flowing river. This means that as an angler, you will be the first to cast your rod. Pikes that measure more than one metre are not at all uncommon!

FIMS is a local government funded non-profit organization that helps you find your perfect fishing destination, guide and lodgings in the middle of Sweden based on your personal preferences. Read more about our destinations and fishing in the middle of Sweden on the rest of our website.

FIMS is committed to protecting our waters and we work hard to encourage environmentally sustainable fishing by employing “catch and release” and habitat-care fishing measures.

Fishing experiences

With FIMS, you can experience a wide range of unspoilt fishing waters, and you will always find unique fishing opportunities – all year round. You can enjoy coastal fishing for sea trout, pike and perch, or why not try the unique “river-fishing” where you can spin – fly fish or vertical fish for your trophy catch, the “river pike”.

Pike, grayling, salmon, sea or brown trout, if they are high on your wish list, then FIMS is perfect for you! You can choose to fish from the shore, boat or even directly from a float tube or canoe.

Among FIMS destinations you will find a large number of shallow lakes and meres that are excellent for spining and fly fishing as well as a number of deeper lakes that are superb for trolling. We can also offer fantastic opportunities for those who enjoy mountainous environments with fishing for Arctic char and trout.

Our winter fishing can provide some wonderful experiences. Experience the exotic feel of fishing for pike, zander, char, trout and rainbow trout from icy waters.

The broad range of fishing environments and the many different species of fish will give you – both as a visitor and an angler – truly unique fishing experiences.

The most common fishing methods in the FIMS destinations include spin fishing, vertical jigging, trolling, fly fishing, angling and ice fishing. Many of the waters are crystal clear and virtually all contain several different species.

FIMS destinations can offer you fishing for pike, zander, perch, grayling, brown trout, sea trout, salmon, trout, rainbow trout, roach, bleak, bream, crucian carp, rudd, vimba and zope.

Fishing destinations

All FIMS destinations are of a high standard and the vast majority of areas are directly connected to the fishing grounds you will be fishing in, this means that you as a FIMS guest, will be given the opportunity to fully enjoy your recreational fishing experience. You don’t have to travel long distances, if you want, you can simply go down to the jetty where the boat is, or try your fly rod in the flowing watercourse.

You stay in a house, cabin or room which has a toilet, shower and self-catering facilities. Most of our destinations offer access to the internet and have a TV. If you really want to enjoy a luxury stay, and focus entirely on your fishing experience, some of the FIMS destinations can offer “all inclusive” which includes breakfast, lunch and evening meal, as well as transfer to and from Stockholm Arlanda Airport.


FIMS has a large network of qualified fishing guides. The fishing guides have excellent local knowledge of fishing waters, species, fishing techniques, fishing regulations and which times of the year are best, depending on the species you want to fish. To optimise your chances of experiencing your “dream catch”, we recommend that you book a full day with one of the FIMS fishing guides.

In a single day with your fishing guide, you will gain knowledge of fishing regulations, tips on the choice of bait to use, methods and current fishing spots in the waters. If you fish from a boat, your guide will also show you where it is dangerous to go, bearing in mind rocks and other things that can spoil your fishing experience. As a guest, you can then contact your personal guide via telephone during the remainder of your stay, if you have any queries about fishing.

From your fishing guide, you will also learn more about the area in general and the fish conservation measures in force to protect the habitat.

Early summer and summer fishing

At the end of April and in early May, the ice disappears from our waters and it’s time for fishing in open waters.

Late spring and the summer can be an amazing period for fishing. The heat, fresh air, babbling brooks, crystal clear blue waters, rich wildlife, blooming flowers and beautiful trees create magical fishing environments that simply have to be experienced. The weeks before and after Midsummer offer fantastic experiences with “daylight” 24 hours a day!

Pike fishing is usually best immediately after the ice starts to break up before the pike start to play, which usually occurs in mid to late May and lasts until Midsummer. After that, the water temperature starts to rise and the pike become a little shyer. But of course, you will always be able to get the fish to bite – you just have to find them and use the right technique and choice of bait.

Pike-perch fishing is normally very good from mid-May until mid-June. But is also very good during late evenings and August nights.

Perch fishing usually improves from Midsummer and onwards when the water starts to get warmer, which is appreciated by the perch.

Fly fishing for grayling and brown trout is best from mid-June onwards. This is when the incubation period starts for day and night caddis flies and the water temperature is optimal.

Trout fishing tends to take off in early April when the water temperature is around 4-5 degrees and lasts until the water temperature creeps over 12 degrees, which usually occurs in the middle of May.

Salmon fishing is at its best around Midsummer and for the month that follows. It is around Midsummer that salmon are most shiny, silvery and also put up a better fight.

Autumn fishing

The water temperature begins to drop in September and the pike become increasingly more willing to bite. The autumn is also the season when the countryside explodes in a magnificent display of colour! The air is fresh and crisp and the morning mist lies mysteriously over the fishing waters to subsequently lighten during the day. It is during these moments that you can experience your best fishing for “the big pike”!

Pike fishing continues throughout the autumn until the ice settles, which usually take place during the latter part of November.

In October, there will be plenty of pike, and you will have the opportunity to experience some unforgettable fishing! Pike-perch fishing can also be good at this time of year, when you will usually find them in slightly deeper waters.

Winter fishing

Winter fishing offers unique opportunities in both rivers, lakes and meres where you can fish for various species such as pike, pike-perch, perch, trout, grayling, brown trout and rainbow trout.

The season for winter fishing typically continues from the middle of December when the ice is thick enough to walk on until the ice starts to break up in the middle of April. At this time of year, you can expect some really good duels when you are ice fishing with a jig or an ice rod.

The evening is enjoyed next to a crackling wood-fuelled stove in the cabin discussing the day’s catches and events and planning the following day’s fishing. It is also possible to ski to the fishing location and if you want to, you can also go fishing from an “Ark”, a small cosy hut which we place on the ice. In the Ark, you can light a fire in the stove and enjoy the silence while you fish.

Our winter fishing during March-April tends to be quite magical with spring sunshine that will warm you. Sitting with your sunglasses on with only a thin sweater, grilling a sausage over a fire and waiting for the fish to bite is an experience we are only too happy to share with our guests. From mid-March there is daylight from 6:00 until 18:30. After that, the days quickly get longer and brighter.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our destinations! We will do all we can to make you feel at home and enjoy fantastic – and relaxing – fishing experiences.

A warm welcome to fishing in the middle of Sweden!