Camp Ängra is a paradise for flyfishing and sportfishing
which is situated in the middle of Sweden in an overwhelming
landscape along the central part of the Ljusnan River. We offer
comfortable, modern accomodation and the opportunity for
year-round sportfishing at all levels and for all ages.
Excellent Grayling and Trout-, but also Perch and Pike fishing
in the rivers arround us like Ängraån and Ljusnan. But besides
streamwaterfishing we also offer exclusive Wild trout-, Rainbow-
and Char fishing in our own lake “Lake Gommors” which
belongs to our camp.

Wildlife Sweden Camp Ängra is open (almost) all year. November…
we’re gone fishing ourselves.. somewhere on a beach.
Main season for catching pike is in the spring and autumn.
Under normal conditions it’s great fishing from the middle of
May until end of Oktober. It depends on what you want. Fishing
for Perch and Pike is good all year-round.., main season
for Greyling and trout is from the end of June until the end of
September, but we also catch fish in winter…
Have you ever tried ice- fishing? …a great and exciting way to
catch Pike-, Trout or Char in the cold Swedish winter, in combination
with some snowmobiling and a campfire, this is a trhill!

The waters around us are inviting for a great varaity of fishingmethodes.
Lake “Laforssjö” which is 20 km long offers
great fishing on Pike and Perch and lays directly at our camp.
For Grayling and Trout we take you to incredible spots along
the centrepart of the river Ljusnan ( a.k.a. “Mellan Ljusnan”)
only a flycast away from Ängra. But the best thing…, Ängraån
(“River Ängra”)… it runs right trough the camp. Only a few
steps away from your cottage, room or campingspot.
All these waters and plenty of other waters in the surrounding
area makes Ängra the place to be.

Contact Information
Company: Wildlife Sweden Camp Ängra
Address: Ängra 6
Zip/City: SE-820 43 Kårböle
Telephone: +46(0)651-801 51
GPS: Lat: 61.93695, Long: 15.41647
4 hours drive by car to Arlanda Airport