Jössebo vildmarkscamp

Do as the famous Dutch flyfishermen Rudy Van Duijnhooven and Leon Godijk did! The went here for a week in june to Jössebo Vildmarkscamp! The stayed here and was guided by fims guides Benny Backeby and Anders Persson. Flyfishing for pike from belly boat and by boat.

Jössebo Vildmarkscamp is a membership-based fishing establishment in the heart of Sweden. It is situated in an area of peaceful natural beauty in the municipality of Ovanåker in the province of Hälsingland. You will stay in Small cabins at the camp. Each cottages fits for 2-4 persons. The camp has an old culture history and thats also there brain with an well preserved style.

At the camp you have access to the mainbuilding with selfcatering, shower and toilet.  Its an fantastic wilderness area with forest around and big chance for example to see deer, moose and beaver. Make yourself a coffee or a meal and just relax after a day of fishing. Listen to the silence, as we say in Sweden.

There are several lakes in nearby area and one of them is the virginal lake Mörtsjön. A lake that contains everything a sportfisherman might wish for.

Excellent shallow spin fishing areas with steep drop-offs boast healthy populations of  pike and perch. Several welcoming bays and islands wide reed belts provide ideal spots for casting. The lake is absolutely perfect suitable for belly-boat fishing!  Our rental boats are Linder 440 m with 8 hp gasoline engine plus electric motor.

FIMS fishing guide Benny Backeby and Anders Persson is highly experienced and thoroughly familiar with Mörtsjön and other lakes nearby in this area, both for flyfishing and spinfishing for pikes and jigging for perch. On your first fishing day the guide will take you out for a 4-hour guided intro tour.

During this guided tour you will have your fishinglicense, access to a good map and tips about good fishing spots, suitable bait and fishing methods, and where in the lake you will need to be especially careful to drive your boat fast. On lake Mörtsjön and other nearby lakes you will be left to fish in solitude. The fishing pressure is very low. Here, you will definitely be the first to cast your line after just that pike or jig for just that perch. The lake Mörtsjön is approximately 3-4 km long and average 1km wide and the camp is situated only 5 minutes away from the lake.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We hope to see you soon.

We look forward to welcoming you to Jössebo Vildmarkscamp!

//Christer, Jössebo Vildmarkscamp

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