Destinations, Guides and Lodgings

Below you will find information about the fishing destinations in FIMS, Fishing in the middle of Sweden. Its both guides and Lodgings. Those destinations are also members of FIMS. This information is updated continuously. As soon we have a new destination, we put them here//FIMS

Andreas Hirsch, sportfishermen from Austria


Do as the famous German anglers Dietmar Isaiasch and his wife Carmen did! Travel to Kungsholmen! Dietmar and Carmen stayed at Kungsholmen for one week and had an unforgettable fishing adventure with a number of pikes. Read more

Welcome to Villa Solsidan (Sun side) in the village of Norränge, located in the very heart of Hälsingland. Do as many of our European guests and book a relaxing, quiet week of fishing. Read more

Stay at the amazing nature-unique island Långsbo and fish in the river Delångersån which also connects the lakes Iggsjön, Storsjön and Långsjön. Read more!